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February 11, 2021. While Wonder Woman 1984 still has a bit of the old magic, and its leads all turn in terrific performances, the film is hampered by a frequently nonsensical plot, extraneous. View HD Trailers and Videos for Wonder Woman 1984 on Rotten Tomatoes, then check our Tomatometer to find out what the Critics say

Updated August 22 with the second full trailer for Wonder Woman 1984 and new details from DC FanDome, including our first full look at Kristen Wiig's Cheetah. As the follow-up to the expectation-defying Wonder Woman, Wonder Woman 1984 has a lot to live up to. How will it present a story about Diana in 1984 Washington D.C. if she spent a century in seclusion The first trailer for next summer's Wonder Woman 1984 is finally here and, frankly, it's about time. Originally scheduled for release last month, the movie was held to a summer 2020 release, indicating a great deal of confidence in the film. And judging from the trailer, we can see why. In the trailer we learn that Diana (Gal Gadot) comes. In our latest episode of podcast Rotten Tomatoes Is Wrong, we're breaking from our formula of looking at movies that have been out for at least a year to address the two-and-a-half-hour, lasso-wielding, flying elephant in the room: the barely-a-month-old Wonder Woman 1984 Check out the new Wonder Woman 1984 Trailer starring Gal Gadot! Let us know what you think in the comments below. Learn more about this movie on Rotten Tom..

The CBC is an online news outlet & community for nerds of all types. Our mission is to deliver content that helps you embrace Marvel, DC Comics, Star Wars &. TENET, WONDER WOMAN 1984, GODZILLA VS.KONG AMONG NEW MOVIES DELAYED (Photo by Warner Bros. Pictures) Recently, when Warner Bros. released the latest trailer for Christopher Nolan's new action thriller Tenet, many people noticed that it ended with Coming to Theaters, neglecting to specify exactly when that might be. Tenet has been announced for release on July 17, 2020 since last summer.

Wonder Woman 1984 İçin Rotten Tomatoes 'deki İlk Eleştiriler Çok Olumluydu. Wonder Woman 1984, Rotten Tomatoes ile ilgili ilk eleştirmen incelemeleriyle başlangıçta +%90 puan kazandı. Wonder Woman 1984 şu anda Tomatometre'de %67'e kadar geriledi Wonder Woman 1984 debuted to a stellar Rotten Tomatoes score of 90% after the early critic reviews began rolling in on Dec 15. However, after its release in both theaters and HBO Max on Dec. 25, the film's score plummeted to 67% on the Rotten Tomatoes Tomatometer, losing its Certified Fresh rating

The DCEU's Rotten Tomatoes ratings are widely varied through the nine movies released so far, although Wonder Woman 1984 is undoubtedly heading down the wrong path at the moment. It's predecessor, 2017's Wonder Woman, currently holds the highest rating of the bunch at 93% while the lowest is 2016's Suicide Squad at 26% Wonder Woman 1984 was certified fresh on Rotten Tomatoes a few days ago, and now it is not. As more people watch the Wonder Woman sequel on HBO Max, they'r.. Wonder Woman 1984 is now Rotten at the review aggregate site, Rotten Tomatoes, as the critics' review score has dropped below 60% and now stands at 59%.. Currently, there are 377 reviews accounted for, which means about 230 of them are considered on the negative side (61%). When Wonder Woman 1984 was first released, the Rotten Tomatoes score was quite different and much higher - as high as. Gal Gadot, Patty Jenkins, and Hans Zimmer lead an exciting live performance of the theme from Wonder Woman 1984. Jump to. Sections of this page. Accessibility Help. Press alt + / to open this menu. Facebook. Email or Phone: The Ketchup by Rotten Tomatoes. 136,462 Followers · Show. Westworld. 1,160,838 Followers · TV Show. You Netflix.

Wonder Woman 1984 falls all the way from Certified Fresh to a Rotten Rating on Rotten Tomatoes presence in my opinion. It doesn't feel like her movie. It feels like a series of unrelated events that happen AROUND Wonder woman. Gadot not owning the stage made this feeling worse. But please let's not act like rotten tomatoes is a good. Need to catch up on what's going on with 'Wonder Woman 1984', including who's in it, where it fits into the DC Universe, and when we can expect a trailer? N.. Wonder Woman 1984 is a complete disaster. According to Rotten Tomatoes: Movies and TV shows are Certified Fresh with a steady Tomatometer of 75% or higher after a set amount of reviews (80 for wide-release movies, 40 for limited-release movies, 20 for TV shows), including 5 reviews from Top Critics. Since Wonder Woman 1984 has dropped below. Wonder Woman 1984 tells us that our world deserves the kindness and empathy of a superhero like Wonder Woman, and in 2020, that feels like the most radical and necessary message of all. Wonder Woman is the superhero we need AND the one we deserve. Follow Rotten Tomatoes on Apple News. Related News. All DCEU Movies Ranked: DC Movies By.

Wonder Woman 1984 dipped into the Rotten rating on Rotten Tomatoes yesterday, and is now barely holding on to Fresh. This is a FAR CRY from the Certified. The review embargo for Wonder Woman 1984 lifted today, and Rotten Tomatoes has shared the early score for Patty Jenkins' DC Comics sequel starring Gal Gadot, Chris Pine, Pedro Pascal, and Kristen. Wonder Woman 1984 (stylized on-screen and often abbreviated as WW84) is a 2020 American superhero film based on the DC Comics character Wonder Woman.It is the sequel to 2017's Wonder Woman and the ninth installment in the DC Extended Universe (DCEU). The film is directed by Patty Jenkins from a script she wrote with Geoff Johns and Dave Callaham, based on a story by Johns and Jenkins After starting out strong with the initial wave of reviews, Wonder Woman 1984 has lost its Certified Fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes. The movie, once again directed by Patty Jenkins, finds Diana (Gal Gadot) smack in the neon-hued, Aquanetted decade of the '80s, working as a cultural anthropologist for the Smithsonian in Washington, D.C. Working alongside her is new hire, Barbara Mineva.

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Wonder Woman 1984 LOSES Rotten Tomatoes CERTIFIED FRESH Rating! MiYours. Follow. 7 months ago. See more about. Wonder Woman 1984 Wonder Woman 1984, su Movieplayer.it. Wonder Woman 1984, su FilmTv.it, Arnoldo Mondadori Editore. Wonder Woman 1984, su Il mondo dei doppiatori, AntonioGenna.net. (EN) Wonder Woman 1984, su Internet Movie Database, IMDb.com. (EN) Wonder Woman 1984, su AllMovie, All Media Network. (EN) Wonder Woman 1984, su Rotten Tomatoes, Flixster Inc Wonder Woman 1984 en Facebook. Wonder Woman 1984 en Twitter. Wonder Woman 1984 en Internet Movie Database (en inglés). Wonder Woman 1984 en Box Office Mojo (en inglés) Wonder Woman 1984 en Rotten Tomatoes (en inglés). Wonder Woman 1984 en Metacritic (en inglés

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WHAT THIS MEANS. Wonder Woman 1984 is bringing some of the most mixed reactions of any DCEU film in some time, especially considering how the original Wonder Woman from 2017 is seen as a near-universal hit. The way the Rotten Tomatoes consensus changes in just over 24 hours since the movie's release is indicative of that same trend, continuing a roller-coaster of a ride in terms of the film's. Wonder Woman 1984 has had a roller-coaster ride on Rotten Tomatoes, but its score on the aggregator doesn't actually matter as much as it might seem. The film started off with a very positive rating but later dipped down into Rotten territory. It's since bounced back to barely breach the Fresh threshold, but the movie's score on Rotten Tomatoes should still be taken with a. As the DC Cinematic Universe continues to weigh in on the scales, the presumed infallible success Wonder Woman 1984 fell in the dreaded rotten ranking on Rotten Tomatoes. Its predecessor was by far the best-received DCEU film when it was released in 2017 and helped pull DC films out of the dark, brooding hole they had dug for themselves Wonder Woman 1984: Directed by Patty Jenkins. With Gal Gadot, Chris Pine, Kristen Wiig, Pedro Pascal. Diana must contend with a work colleague and businessman, whose desire for extreme wealth sends the world down a path of destruction, after an ancient artifact that grants wishes goes missing Le recensioni di Wonder Woman 1984 su Rotten Tomatoes sono contrastanti, ma, fino ad ora, hanno prodotto una percentuale del 65% da parte della critica, e del 73% da parte del pubblico. Perciò si tratta di risultati positivi, anche se non eccellenti, e per questo motivo il lungometraggio non ha ottenuto il certificato fresh

Most Anticipated to Rotten. Wonder Woman 1984 was one of the most anticipated DC movies after the Snyder Cut that is about to release this March. Wonder Woman 84 was released in the theatres and on HBO Max on 25 th December 2020. The movie, at first, started to get slow reviews and adverse reactions from fans Wonder Woman 1984 had a big opening weekend hitting (relatively) big numbers at the box office, big streaming numbers, and even opened at 88% on Rotten Tomatoes - before suddenly dropping to 63% after release, exposing a major flaw with the Tomatometer. Rotten Tomatoes has had a number of fundamental issues for a long time, but Wonder Woman 1984's release highlights a few of them Like it or not, Rotten Tomatoes is crucial for many movie lovers when it comes to deciding whether to watch a new release. In the case of Wonder Woman 1984, it seems that the sequel to DC Comics will soon be Certified Fresh on the review aggregator thanks to this first wave of reviews.. Of course, these reviews won't have much of an impact on the film's box office as it won't get. Wonder Woman tiene una critica negativa en Rotten Tomatoes | Warner Bros. Pictures. Wonder Woman 1984 ya no es Fresh en Rotten Tomatoes. Días después de que la tan esperada secuela perdiera su codiciado estado de Fresco certificado, la cinta de Patty Jenkins ha sido degradada a Rotten en el agregador de reseñas.

The Rotten Tomatoes score, which aggregates reviews to give a general consensus of a film's critical success, operates on an approval rating that deems movies either fresh or rotten. After starting out certified fresh, Wonder Woman 1984 has just dropped to rotten, which effectively means less than 60% of critics generally liked the film. That. Wonder Woman 1984 bezorgt DC dieptepunt op IMDb en Rotten Tomatoes (Bron: Warner Bros.) In Nederland moeten we nog even geduld hebben voor Wonder Woman 1984 uitkomt, de opvolger van de sterke superheldenfilm Wonder Woman.Na de lockdown en gedoe met Pathé brengt Warner Bros. de film uit op 20 januari.. Een mijlpaal om naar uit te kijken voor de fans Wonder Woman 1984 became available on HBO MAX and in theaters on Christmas day, and while some were hoping that the movie would be for all audiences, they were sadly disappointed. In fact, the sequel to the original Wonder woman movie has dropped in the ratings several times already on Rotten Tomatoes

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Wonder Woman 1984 hiện giữ 88% Fresh trên Rotten Tomatoes từ 92 bài phê bình. Khi có nhiều đánh giá hơn, xếp hạng này có thể thay đổi. Các nhà phê bình ca ngợi rộng rãi Gadot trong vai diễn này Ditengah pandemi corona, Wonder Woman 1984 terpaksa rilis secara bersamaan di bioskop dan HBO Max. Sudah rilis sejak 25 Desember tahun 2020 lalu, Wonder Woman 1984 kini dicap busuk di situs ulasan Rotten Tomatoes. Film Wonder Woman pertama yang rilis tahun 2017 adalah film terbaik DCEU dengan skor kritikus 93% Wonder Woman 1984 Resmi Dapat Predikat Busuk di Rotten Tomatoes. Setelah ditunda berkali-kali, Wonder Woman 1984 (2020) akhirnya tayang di bioskop pada 16 Desember 2020. Namun, Warner Bros. enggak merilis sekuel Wonder Woman (2017) tersebut secara merata di seluruh negara pada 16 Desember روند نزولی نمره‌ی Wonder Woman 1984 در راتن تومیتوز همچنان ادامه داشته و این فیلم حالا صفت Rotten را دریافت کرده است. اولین اقتباس سینمایی شاهدخت دایانا تحت عنوان Wonder Woman در دسامبر سال ۲۰۱۷ میلادی روی. Wonder Woman 1984 está al borde de caer en la calificación de Rotten (traducido sería podrída) en la temidísima web Rotten Tomatoes, donde las críticas hacen caer a gran cantidad de.

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Review awal Wonder Woman 1984 bisa di bilang cukup positif dan kritikus lainnya juga mengatakan bahwa film ini pantas untuk ditunggu. Pada 17 Desember, sekuel ini mendapat sertifikasi segar di situs ulasan agregat Rotten Tomatoes. Wonder Woman 1984 awalnya memiliki skor 89% dan menjadikannya salah satu film DCEU dengan review terbaik Officiellement marqué comme pourri sur le tomomètre Rotten Tomatoes, Wonder Woman 1984 continue de diviser la critique La puntuación de los críticos para Wonder Woman 1984 ha aumentado en Rotten Tomatoes por un tiempo desde el estreno, actualmente en un 70%. ¡Ahora la puntuación de la audiencia también ha subido!. La película de DC tiene una puntuación del 78% de los espectadores con 143 calificaciones totales en el momento de escribir este artículo para La Verdad Noticias Wonder Woman 1984 Falls To Rotten On Rotten Tomatoes. Wonder Woman 1984 has officially been marked as rotten on the Rotten Tomatoes Tomatometer after a fairly divisive release over the holidays. Lucas Bermudez Jan 8, 2021. 5 Brilliant Ways 'Dead' Movie Characters Have Returned (& 5 Ridiculous Ways

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Wonder Woman 1984 halter lidt efter originalen hos anmelderne samlet på Rotten Tomatoes. 88 procent af de nordamerikanske anmeldere er aktuelt positive over for Wonder Woman 1984, der i dag får verdenspremiere i Belgien, Bulgarien. Egypten, Estland, Frankrig, Grækenland, Holland, Island, Indonesien, Portugal, Sydafrika, Schweiz og Storbritannien The saga of Wonder Woman 1984 on Rotten Tomatoes has been an undeniably odd one.. Debuting to an impressive 88%, it didn't take long until the DC Comics sequel was Certified Fresh. However, as. Discussing what score Wonder Woman 1984 deserves. Discussing what score Wonder Woman 1984 deserves. Join Peacock; Watch for Free. Wonder Woman 1984. Season 1 Episode 6 69m. Discussing what score Wonder Woman 1984 deserves. Rotten Tomatoes Is Wrong (Podcast) Season 1 View all. Batman vs. Superman. S1 E1 65m. Love Actually. S1 E2 69m.

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  1. Wonder Woman 1984 Rotten Tomatoes And Metacritic Scores Revealed. 16 décembre 2020 à 07:06. 15. 0. Facebook. Twitter. Après d'innombrables retards, Wonder Woman 1984 est enfin presque là. Les théâtres étant toujours en mauvais état, Warner Bros. a choisi de publier la suite très attendue de DC sur HBO Max au niveau national ce jour de.
  2. The saga of Wonder Woman 1984 on Rotten Tomatoes has been a strange one.. Debuting to an impressive 88%, it didn't take long until the DC Comics sequel was Certified Fresh. However, as more.
  3. The latest entry in the DC Extended Universe, Wonder Woman 1984, has officially been certified fresh on review aggregation site Rotten Tomatoes
  4. El lanzamiento de Mujer maravilla 1984 ciertamente destaca un defecto específico en Rotten Tomatoes, pero antes de entrar en detalles, es importante tener en cuenta que este no es un problema exclusivo de Mujer maravilla 1984.Rotten Tomatoes tiene varios defectos importantes y puntos ciegos en su sistema Tomatometer, y Mujer maravilla 1984 simplemente resalta un defecto específico que la.
  5. Rotten Tomatoes, which crowdsources reviews into a fresh or rotten score gave Wonder Woman 1984 a rating of only 65% fresh. Criticism included a lack of authenticity and the movie's script being narratively messy. But fans said it was fun and was a good escape
  6. The Rotten Tomatoes and IMDb ratings of 'Wonder Woman 1984', which stands at 60% and 5.4/10 respectively, narrates the tales of disappointment. Even the critical response to Patty Jenkins's 'Wonder Woman 1984' ranged mostly from average to negative

Wonder Woman 1984. 2020 151 minutes. Action & adventure. 1,688. Add to Wishlist. $19.99 Buy 4K. Fast forward to the 1980s as Wonder Woman's next big screen adventure finds her facing a wide array of foes including: Max Lord and The Cheetah. Read more. Collapse Wonder Woman 1984 falls all the way from Certified Fresh to a Rotten Rating on Rotten Tomatoes I think people are mostly overreacting from the shock of having the same writing/directing team from the original Wonder Woman having produced a film that's markedly worse in every conceivable way. every year more and more critics are added to. Wonder Woman 1984: ¿cómo se compara su calificación en Rotten Tomatoes con el resto del DCEU? La segunda cinta de la heroína ha generado opiniones divididas. by Jemima Sebastia

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Now on Wonder Woman 1984, even though the Snyders are still producers, Warner Bros. gave Patty Jenkins complete creative control as she's made very clear in her interviews before the Rotten Tomatoes score had dropped. That's another lesson to be learned here, don't give interviews or do a victory lap before you have your final Rotten Tomatoes. A Wonder Woman 1984 jelen pillanatban 59 százalékon ál a kritikai átlagban a Rotten Tomatoes-on, ami azt jelenti, hogy pont a Rotten küszöb alá került. A nézői átlag pozitívabb: a közönség értékelése alapján jelenleg 74 százalékot érdemel a film

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Ad ogni modo, Wonder Woman è stato un grande successo, secondo critici e registi allo stesso modo, generando entrate al botteghino, e anche la comunità di Rotten Tomatoes è felice (che è più raro del Natale) Wonder Woman 1984 went from being Certified Fresh to Rotten last December, while Zack Snyder's Justice League performed waaaaay better than the vast majority expected earlier this year Ryan Reynolds Reacts to Free Guy Being Ranked as One of Best Action Comedies Ever on Rotten Tomatoes. After multiple delays, Ryan Reynolds ' Free Guy is finally playing in theatres, and it was. Wonder Woman 1984 loses its Certified Fresh rating on review aggregation site Rotten Tomatoes. After facing multiple delays due to the coronavirus pandemic, Wonder Woman 1984 was finally released in the U.S. on Christmas Day after it arrived in international theaters in mid-December.The DCEU sequel was the first movie to release in theaters and on HBO Max the same day, a plan that Warner Bros. The first Wonder Woman was quickly certified fresh on Rotten Tomatoes with a 93% score on the Tomatometer, but Wonder Woman 1984 has been met with mixed reviews, with many critics suggesting that.

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  1. Wonder Woman 1984 is an epic dose of heart and vibrant escapism that proves there are still unexpected thrills to be found in superhero cinema. Along with the review, the official rating of the DCEU sequel from Rotten Tomatoes is 89%. Only two DCEU films currently have higher Rotten Tomatoes scores: 2017's Wonder Woman (93%) and Shazam! (90%)
  2. When Wonder Woman 1984 was first reviewed by early critics, the movie had a healthy 88% rating over on Rotten Tomatoes. Now that more people have seen the movie, the rating has gone down dramatically
  3. On Rotten Tomatoes, Wonder Woman 1984 has now fallen to Rotten status with a 59% after 378 reviews from approved critics. The new score for the Gal Gadot sequel puts the DC film slightly.
  4. I, like many others, was fascinated by how Wonder Woman 1984's Rotten Tomatoes score fell from certified fresh to rotten over the course of a few weeks. I wanted to scrape Rotten Tomatoes for historic Tomatometer scores to see if this kind of drop in ratings can be seen for other films
  5. On review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes, 70% of 236 critics have given the film a positive review, with an average rating of 6.8/10. The website's critical consensus reads: Great Hera! Wonder Woman 1984 is an epic dose of heart and vibrant escapism that proves there are still unexpected thrills to be found in superhero cinema. According to.
  6. L'aggregatore di recensioni Rotten Tomatoes potrebbe presto cambiare le sorti di Wonder Woman 1984 che dopo un'iniziale buona accoglienza generale è calato drasticamente nei consensi e rischia di.
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Skor terbaru Wonder Woman 1984 ini pasti memberi kesan pada prestasi box office (walaupun kebanyakkan pawagam di seluruh dunia melaporkan tiket telah habis dijual pada Hari Krismas).Dan bagi Warner Bros., sudah tentu memberi tamparan besar kepada studios tersebut, lebih-lebih lagi selepas mereka mempromosikan Certified Fresh oleh Rotten Tomatoes pada setiap TV Spot filem tersebut Wonder Woman 1984, la secuela de la exitosa película del año 2017, ya ha sido calificada por los fans en la web Rotten Tomatoes donde goza de muy buen puntaje. Si la película de Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman 1984 (Movie Review‪)‬ Rotten Tomatoes is Wrong (A Podcast from Rotten Tomatoes) Film Reviews The most anticipated movie of the year has split critics down the middle, and wreaked havoc on the Tomatometer

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Wonder Woman 1984 Originalni naslov: Wonder Woman 1984. Rotten Tomatoes® Score TOMATOMETER® 0 % Pogledajte osvrte na Rotten Tomatoes. As of this writing, Wonder Woman 1984 carries a 59 percent critical approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes. That puts it just below the Rotten threshold. Audiences have been a bit more kind, with. Wonder Woman 1984 Sneak Peek - Opening Scene. Rotten Tomatoes. December 15, 2020 ·. Stop what you're doing and watch the first 3 minutes of Wonder Woman 1984 right now In terms of Rotten Tomatoes audience scores, WW84 and Harley Quinn tie for third place at 78%. The first Wonder Woman is the DCEU's highest-rated crowd-pleaser at 84%, followed by Shazam! (82%.

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Wonder Woman 1984 is no longer Fresh on Rotten Tomatoes. Days after the highly anticipated sequel lost its coveted Certified Fresh status, the Patty Jenkins film has been downgraded to Rotten on the review-aggregator. Though the film still has more positive reviews from critics than negative, it no longer reaches the site's 60-percent positive benchmark for the Rotten Tomatoes Fresh. WONDER WOMAN 1984 Manages To Regain Fresh Status On Rotten Tomatoes With 60% Score Late last week, Wonder Woman 1984 's Rotten Tomatoes score fell to 59%, and the sequel was dubbed Rotten, as a. The latest entry in the DC Extended Universe, Wonder Woman 1984, has officially been certified fresh on review aggregation site Rotten Tomatoes.The movie sees the return of Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman, taking place in 1984, decades after the events of the first film, but still over 30 years before she's seen again in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice and Justice League

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With early critic reviews for Wonder Woman 1984 starting to pour in, the DC Extended Universe film has achieved a very favorable Rotten Tomatoes score.. Wonder Woman 1984 currently sits at 89 percent on the Rotten Tomatoes Tomatometer, with a total count of 71 reviews as of this writing.The critics' consensus reads, Great Hera! Wonder Woman 1984 is an epic dose of heart and vibrant escapism. Wonder Woman 1984 falls all the way from Certified Fresh to a Rotten Rating on Rotten Tomatoes Come on Wonder Woman, you can do it! Carthago Delenda Est. Banned. Oct 28, 2017 6,119. Jan 10, 2021 #272 The rotten tomatoes score is what percentage of critics had a positive review of the movie (positive can mean anything from it was fine to. The wait is FINALLY over: Patty Jenkins' Wonder Woman 1984 is arriving on HBO Max and in theaters (where safe) on Christmas Day - and the director and her star could not be more excited to share the hotly anticipated sequel with the world. The film, in which Gal Gadot reprises her role as Diana Prince/Wonder Woman, largely takes place in 1980s Washington D.C., giving Jenkins ample. Movie, music and TV reviews by Matt Neal, a Rotten Tomatoes-accredited ABC Radio film critic (also an author, musician, journalist and all-round okay guy). Monday, 1 February 2021 Wonder Woman 1984

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Wonder Woman 1984 n'est plus FraisSur les tomates pourries.Quelques jours après que la suite tant attendue ait perdu son statut convoité de Certifié frais , la bande de Patty Jenkins a été rétrogradé à Rotten dans l'agrégateur d'avis.. Vous pourriez aussi être intéressé par: Sailor Moon Eternal The Movie sort une nouvelle bande-annonc Wonder Woman 1984 kehilangan sertifikasi segarnya di Rotten Tomatoes.Mengapa hal itu bisa terjadi? Berikut pembahasan selengkapnya. Wonder Woman 1984 kembali disutradarai oleh Patty Jenkins dan melanjutkan kisah Diana Prince (Gal Gadot) yang berlatar di tahun 80-an. Pada masa tersebut, Diana sudah bekerja sebagai ahli antropolog budaya di Smithsonian Washington DC Come sapete Rotten Tomatoes è il sito di rating sulle uscite cinematografiche e televisive e ora si è occupato di Wonder Woman 1984. A quanto pare Wonder Woman 1984 ha già colpito molto la. Wonder Woman 1984. 2020 151 minutes. 118. Add to Wishlist. Fast forward to the 1980s as Wonder Woman's next big screen adventure finds her facing a wide array of foes including: Max Lord and The Cheetah. Read more